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Educator Training & Consulting

Early booking is highly encouraged. Please contact Casey with questions, to book, or to create your own training!

Customized Training Based on Your Specific Needs

A combination of workshops, subjects and training can be prepared or created specifically for in-services of any length.

Customized Onsite Services

  • Training for teachers, support staff and specialists.
  • Teacher coaching and development.
  • Classroom intervention, observation and guidance.
  • Services customized to your school or organization's unique needs.
  • Services are supportive, positive, practical, interactive, engaging and educational.

Current Onsite Workshops Options

Adventures in After School
  • Specialized classroom management for afterschool providers
  • After school enrichment activities
  • Arts of Afterschool
    (including Art, Dance, Creative Movement, Drama and/or Yoga in your program)
  • How to begin an afterschool program at your school
  • Custom programs based on your group needs
Ages & Stages of Early Childhood
All about Autism Spectrum Disorder
ADD & ADHD in the Classroom
Creativity, Cohesiveness & Consistency to Create a Calm Classroom Community
  • Providing a calm classroom through positive management
Emotional Regulation: Calming Meltdowns & Taming Tantrums
Interventions & Preventions
Learning the Labels: Working with Special Needs Children
Managing Mental Health
  • Incorporate ways to create and support a mentally healthy environment in your school
Red Flags & Referrals
Social & Emotional Awareness in the Classroom
Power of Play: The importance of play in the classroom, recognizing delays through play, and more!
Arts Curriculum (Art, Creative Movement, Dance, Drama, Integrated Arts)
  • Art Exploration: Process based Art to enhance all aspects of your classroom
  • "Messterpieces" and Mini Movers: Process-based Art and Movement
  • Arts Integration: Integrate the Arts into your academics
  • Drama Kings and Kings: Utilizing creative drama to enhance literacy
Meaningful Movement: Movement based learning
Stretch Your Student's Focus with Yoga
  • Fun Yoga to increase motor development
  • Calming breathing, exercises and other techniques

Past Training Presentations

  • Power of Play Therapy. Harris County Department of Education Winter Conference.
    January 28, 2017
  • Power of Play Therapy. ECMC Conference.
    January 26-27, 2017
  • Westminster Weekday School, Parent enrichment, The power of Play,
    February 2016
  • Early Childhood Methodist conference (ECMC), The Power of Play,
    February 2016
  • Harris county department of Education (HCDE) conference, The Power of Play, January 2016
  • Preschool teacher adventure conference (PTAC), The Power of Play, January 2016
  • Child's play preschool, Teacher in-service, August 2015
  • ECMC, Mini-movers and "mess-ter" pieces, February 2011
  • PTAC, January 2011
    • Mini-movers and "mess-ter" pieces
    • Stretch your students focus with Yoga
    • Creativity, Cohesiveness and consistency; creating a positive classroom environment
  • Presbyterian Early childhood conference, August 2010
    • "Mess-ter pieces" and Mini movers (process based Art and Movement)
    • Drama Kings and Queens- Utilizing creative drama for early literacy
    • Stretch your students focus with Yoga
  • Cambridge Montessori School, Incorporating Art and Yoga in the classroom, August 2009
  • Presbyterian Early childhood conference, Stretch your students focus with Yoga, August 2009
  • ECMC, Process based Art in the early childhood classroom, February 2009
  • Houston Area Association of the Young child conference, Process based Art, September 2008
  • Presbyterian Early childhood conference, Process based Art, August 2008
  • Monthly curriculum and classroom management training for Casey's creative connections staff, June 2008 - April 2015