Casey Casteel
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About Casey Casteel

I am a Houston area therapist and educational consultant.

I offer psychotherapy focusing on child-centered play therapy with individuals and families of children age 3-13 with a nurturing, compassionate and non-judgmental approach. I offer play therapy, social skills and creative expression groups to help facilitate friendship building, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, communication and problem solving skills, and emotional regulation.

I specialize in working with children and families experiencing anxiety, aggression, ADD, autism spectrum disorder, behavioral challenges (home/school), defiance (ODD), developmental delays, emotional regulation, grief, leaning differences, life transitions, social challenges and more.

I also offer teacher and parent training onsite at schools, organizations and conferences in child development, classroom management, children's mental health, special education, play, Creative movement, Art, Dance, Drama and Yoga.

Additionally, I offer school consulting and observation to assist with various classroom and school challenges.

Lastly, I work as a family educational consultant specializing in helping Houston area families to find their school fit as they search for a preschool, Elementary school or special school that meets their unique family needs.